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    From first word...

    Options are the inspiration behind Tight Line Media.

    CEO Kris Millgate started creating multimedia productions in 2006. Tight Line Media earned its first Telly Award in 2008 for the documentary Idaho Meth Project.

    Tight Line Media also earned Outstanding Service for Wildlife Conservation in 2013 and made National Geographic's top 10 films list in 2014.

    Tight Line Media's film Sanctuary, about recovering elk habitat in New Mexico, won best outdoor story in the nation in 2012. Restoring Hope, about river reconnects, toured nationwide with the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in 2014.

    Tight Line Media produces award-winning journalistic content for video and print. It also produces quality content for corporations, government entities and non-profit organizations.

    Tight Line Media is a leader in the multimedia movement delivering exceptional productions from first word to final edit.

    ...to final edit.

    About Kris Millgate
    Outdoor Journalist

    The quiet cast of fishing line cures writer's block for outdoor journalist Kris Millgate.

    Millgate investigates outdoor issues for video and print outlets.

    She recognized the meshing of the mediums in 2006 and made the bold move from TV reporting on contract to multimedia freelancer with her production company Tight Line Media.

    Her two decades of cross-country coverage prove she'll go anywhere for a good story.

    Contact Millgate at info@tightlinemedia.com

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