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Ocean to Idaho

Behind the Scenes: The Doodle

I’m not a drawing artist. I’m a shooting artist. I shoot my art (stories) with cameras. When I draw with crayons, pencils or markers, the result looks like a grade school doodle. A doodle that gets soaked, bent, crumpled and ripped, but still serves its purpose. And this doodle has a back story.

Notice the spiral bind on the right. Notebook spirals are usually on the left. I’m a lefty and that spiral gets in my way so I flipped the whole pad. And the pad isn’t even mine. I’m carrying around my son’s coloring book and using the back of his fancy acid-free pages for my doodle with sticky tabs.

PS- I’m tracking expenses as I advance through this doodled map.
Interesting fuel stat here: 
Lowest: $2.29 per gallon in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Highest: $3.49 per gallon in Rufus, Oregon