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Salmon swim
850 miles from the
ocean to Idaho.

This summer...

go with them.

Ocean to Idaho
premieres in summer 2021. The film is a visual experience offering audiences the opportunity to track salmon migration 850 miles from the Oregon coast to Idaho wilderness.

The road trip for field production of Ocean to Idaho debuted on social media platforms in summer 2020 as TLM CEO and outdoor journalist Kris Millgate lived and worked out of a Toyota Tundra paired with Four Wheel Campers. Bi-weekly episodes provided fans with a virtual adventure through the Pacific Northwest while also revealing the process for shooting a film solo during a pandemic.

“Broken camera, bruises, stitches and skin cancer. I wasn’t expecting any of that. I was as worn out as the fish by the time we made it to mile 850,” says Millgate a journalist for 25 years. “With the road trip complete, I’m cutting 25 hours of footage down to a 26-minute show. It’s like shoving stepsister's foot into Cinderella's slipper.”

Ocean to Idaho premieres nationwide summer 2021. Event schedule pending.

Where to Watch:
pending, summer 2021

Where to Read:
Cool Green Science, November 2020
East Idaho Outdoors, April 2021
Backcountry Journal, July 2021 

Watch for updates here and on all Kris Millgate social media platforms.


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