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The Fix

Trout Unlimited and U.S. Forest Service

8-minute film

Chinook salmon swim 850 miles from the ocean to Idaho to spawn. When the endangered fish arrive, they find a watershed turned upside down by a gold dredge. The Fix, an official selection of Wild & Scenic Film Festival, explores the daunting task of fixing a broken river.

The Curlew

U.S. Forest Service and Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust

3-minute promo for 13-minute film

Protecting sagebrush in cattle country is a tough sell, but it’s happening at Curlew National Grassland. Compromise must come from all sides for sage grouse, the desert bird that’s disappearing in the desert.

Your Land

National Wildlife Federation

2-minute promo for 7-minute film

Public lands are part of America’s heritage. Public lands are yours to protect. Your Land, an official selection of the BHA Public Lands Film Festival, explores the value of natural resources and access for all regardless of wallet size.

Your Mississippi

Izaak Walton League of America

4-minute film

The Mighty Mississippi is an artery America can’t live without. It’s a river of recreation. It’s a river of navigation. From locks and dams to hunting and fishing, this is Your Mississippi. Official selection of Flyway Film Festival.

Teton View

Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium

2-minute promo for 11-minute film

Four separate counties. One shared view of the majestic Teton Range on the Idaho-Wyoming border. To protect wild mountain values, these counties are going to have to work together while managing various priorities.