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Caught on Camera

East Idaho Outdoors

Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate followed grizzlies for a summer for her new film On Grizzly Ground. She watched bears even when she wasn't in the woods. Trail cameras captured the wild on its way without us in the way.

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This American Land

Some homesteads built a century ago are still standing. Because of one in particular in eastern Idaho, wild upland birds are still strutting. They'll be strutting decades from now too because the land can never be developed. 


Hook and Barrel

A few dozen gray wolves from Canada transplanted in the Western U.S. nearly three decades ago have turned into a few thousand. Their increasing population increases rage between the people who want to protect them and the people who want to put them down. 

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Future After Failure

TROUT Magazine

Montana's Madison River is a coveted, coldwater trout fishery. Anglers from around the world cast in its current but when a dam failed, fish struggled. The Madison's future after failure depends on a structure that cools them in summer, but stranded them in winter. 

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The Lost Is Found

The Nature Conservancy

A rare orchid, extinct in Vermont since 1902, is blooming. It took a crawl through the forest to find the lost.

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