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“Kris Millgate’s work is absolutely inspirational. Tight Line Media productions always remind us of what a treasure we have in our natural resources.”
Dale Smith, Dolores River Trout Unlimited Chapter

“If anyone I work with (myself included) was as organized and tenacious as Kris Millgate, my life would be a lot easier and my publication a lot better.”
Chad Shmukler, Hatch Magazine

“Kris Millgate is recording a part of America that we need to have forever in the libraries and I appreciate that she’s doing it so well.”
Karole Honas, TV News Anchor

“Kris Millgate has the ability to tell stories and share information in a way that really resonates with people.”
Curtis Hendricks, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

“I’m always talking to Kris Millgate. She has pizazz and passion. She’s has everything you want for your film, especially natural resource type films.”
Louis Wasniewski, U.S. Forest Service

“Tight Line Media videos have this way of moving you from where you’re at into the location that they’re shooting. You actually feel like you’re there. You actually feel like you’re part of nature and you’re experiencing it even though it’s only on a screen.”
Jackie Flowers

“Kris is all around the best outdoor writer, storyteller, videographer, producer and photographer for tens of thousands of square miles. Seriously, she's that good.”
John Parsons

“Kris Millgate’s drive and work ethic are unrelenting. She never gives up; she’s constantly in search of better ways to tell a story; she works harder, faster and more efficiently that anyone I have known throughout my career.”
Katie McKalip, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

“I’ve been on trail with Kris Millgate, and I’ve watched her carry more than her share of the weight, hang acrobatically over the side of a canoe to get the perfect shot, and talk fish with the big boys.”
Emily M. Stone, author of Natural Connections

“Through her written stories, video and photography, Kris Millgate makes key issues interesting, relevant and, yes, fun.”
Matt Miller, The Nature Conservancy

“Kris Millgate has the unique ability to translate complex scientific water resources and wildlife issues into stories people read and watch.”
Louis Wasniewski, U.S. Forest Service

“Kris Millgate is a true one-woman band. She carries all her own gear for shooting and then can turn around and write a great story and edit it too.”
Sauni Symonds, Idaho Public Television

“I have never met an outdoor journalist with more genuine drive and gusto than Kris Millgate. She's transcended this male-dominated niche in a way that I can only hope will resonate for generations, and inspire other young women to follow.”
Kirk Deeter, Trout Unlimited

“Kris Millgate defined success for herself and hunted it down with relentless
ardor. There's a trove of lessons in that no matter your gender or work
T. Edward Nickens, Field & Stream

“Kris puts you into each scene with an easy, expressive style; and she’s not afraid to deliver a truth along the way.”
Bruce Reichert, Idaho Public Television

“Conservationists – and society at large – need more skilled communicators like Kris Millgate.”
Katie McKalip, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

“She’ll bring you right out into the wilderness with her—if you’re tough enough to follow.”
Emily M. Stone, author of Natural Connections

“Kris Millgate has achieved global appeal and in-depth reach through her films.”
Katie McKalip, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

“The way TLM films are portrayed to the public is very catching to the eye. Makes you want to watch.”
Louis Wasniewski, U.S. Forest Service

“Any researcher who has been afield with Kris Millgate will tell you that she is tireless and fearless.”
Matt Miller, The Nature Conservancy

“Kris Millgate is telling the story of the West that needs to be heard. No one does it as well.”
Justin Jays, The Lodge at Palisades Creek

“Tight Line Media knows how to create a compelling visual narrative and works closely with us to ensure each of our videos accomplish our goals and more.”
Dawn Merritt, Izaak Walton League of America