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Ocean to Idaho

Behind the Scenes: D&Ds

There are B&Bs (bed & breakfast) and there are D&Ds (drive & dash). I prefer D&Ds while following salmon from the ocean to Idaho during a pandemic.

D&Ds are my sleep spots and they're not random. They're specific. I isolate safely overnight thanks to the help of some kind people in the Pacific Northwest who put up with me without seeing me.

My D&Ds (I drive in at sunset and dash out at sunrise) are closed boat ramps, empty fields, private lots, vineyards, dirt roads and driveways. I’ve never met most of my hosts, but they know when to expect me and when to sound the alert if I don’t show, which hasn’t happened.

I’m the only person allowed inside my Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper, but every now and then visitors hover outside. Puppy eyes and pipe smokers included.

A BIG shout out to all the friendly faces who spot me on the side of the road or at gas stations and stop to visit. My favorite so far is the dad who stopped to show me a pix on his phone of him and his two daughters catching a Chinook.

PS: First-time vineyard runner. I couldn’t resist running the rows early one morning. Spent grape seeds cover the ground to keep the dust down. Softest surface I’ve ever ran on outside. Highly recommend it.