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Ocean to Idaho

Behind the Scenes: The Bruise

The happy and the horrid in two pix.

Pix 1: I’m smiling for three reasons.

1-I am most proud of my profession when I connect humanity with natural resources through storytelling. That’s what we’re doing here together by following salmon migration 850 miles from the ocean to Idaho. I found every place and every person we need without getting lost or being late.

2-Salmon are well over the hump now. They’re almost home and so am I. I move faster than the fish so I get to hop off the route and go home to Idaho Falls for a bit. I need a hug and a shower. For my family’s sake, I’ll shower first.

3-I don’t know what’s about to happen right after the ‘all smiles’ snapshot.

Pix 2: I’m bruised for one reason.

1-Poor judgement during happy delirium. NEVER exit your camper backward with your hands full of gear. The bottom of your foot will miss the step, but the back of your leg won’t. Wondering about ‘Rod’ living in my right leg? No worries. ‘Rod’ is indestructible. It’s the only part of my bottom half not sporting a bruise that looks like rotten bananas smeared in sour grape juice. Yes, I rolled around in the dirt cussing for a long time, but I didn’t knock over my already broken camera.