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Emmy Winner

Here’s the reality of a freelance journalist.

I do not have the budget for gowns and galas, but I do have camo and cameras. That’s why I was sitting in sagebrush instead of Seattle June 1, 2024 when I won my FIRST EMMY EVER. The announcer was spot on when he proclaimed, “She’s not here so she might literally be on the beat right now.”

My entry was as ‘multi’ as any media can muster and included:
On Grizzly Ground film with music by Craig Green
-grizz road trip episodes
-grizz screening events
-grizz broadcast dates
-grizz photo gallery
-grizz companion book My Place Among Beasts

I am not a TV-station-funded staffer so I am sincerely grateful for funding partners who support my way-out-of-the-box ideas: Teton Toyota, Inland Northwest Toyota Dealers and Four Wheel Campers.

Thanks also to Idaho Public TV, Wyoming PBS and Oregon Public Broadcasting for airing my grizz film, which qualified it for entry.

A love-filled thanks to my three ‘home’ boys who watched the recorded Emmy announcement with me when I hit grid the day after the gala.

And thank YOU for always asking me what’s next. What’s next is Sage Wisdom West. That’s what I’m in the field for this summer, but you can watch Emmy-winning grizz right now.